Mr. and Mrs. Münch, Worms lingerie, beachwear and casual clothing, Cologne:

tenestar has been part of our product range since its release in 1979. Both we and the customer have been completely satisfied ever since. We really appreciate being able to recommend special products of such high quality.”
Mrs. Münch adds: “I like using your products myself – especially because of their pleasant smell. I have taken up the habit of washing small items in the bathroom sink by hand from time to time so I am really fond of the fact that the bottle’s new design perfectly matches the style of my bathroom interior. There will definitely be a demand for your new item *teneplus*”.

Mrs. Hardelauf for “Claudia Rüdinger”, Düsseldorf:

The INTERVALL product line has been part of our product range for many years. Anyone who has ever tried it will buy it over and over again. We sell high quality silk dessous including night wear and cashmere bathrobes and our customers appreciate us providing them with the appropriate care products. Clothes made from microfibres are a constant part of our product range. We therefore really like your new sales item teneplus. Our tests have shown excellent results – the softness of touch and brilliance of colours remain the same while we find the smell to be very pleasant. Since we also sell casual wear (for skiing, golfing, etc.), we really appreciate being able to offer your new item teneplus. Being able to avoid any complaints is a big advantage.

Mrs. Kromer for fashion house “Oskar Gätschenberger”, Heidelberg:

The reason we sell your products is that the customer demand for them is very high. This naturally implies recommending these items as well as giving free samples from time to time. We have been using these products ourselves for years. They fit well into our exclusive assortment of cashmere sweaters, silk draperies, day- and nightwear, and beachwear. Care products made by Intervall are the best offered on the market. Your recent item *teneplus+ will definitely be in high demand since microfibres have become an essential part of the sales offer.

Mr. Krines from “Wäschemoden Krines”, Munich:

Our product range consists of high quality and delicate products. We like offering your washing detergents to our customers in order to help them take good care of these products. Occasionally, we treat good customers with a free bottle of detergent. A service like this will pay off well!

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