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High-quality branded textile products are now synonymous with identity. They symbolise character and vitality. Clothing can project the wearer’s innermost feelings to the outside world. Appreciable quality requires care without superficial effects and plenty of attention to detail.

Our company has been specialising in providing optimum care for favourite garments made of high-quality fabrics for more than 50 years. We believe that quality is important not only in the garment, but also in the products used to care for it. Anyone who is discerning in his choice of clothing will also set great store by laundry products which fulfil the most stringent requirements. There’s no point in spending a lot of money on expensive, high-quality clothing only to ruin it with cheap detergents. Every fibre is different and has different laundry requirements.

Over the years, we have therefore developed an extensive series of special detergents. The INTERVALL textile care series is like a complete cosmetics line – but for textiles made with high-quality fibres. It is environmentally friendly (OECD screening test: readily biodegradable), preserved with potassium sorbate and phosphate-free.

Along with extensive storage to guarantee prompt delivery, our service includes the option of having our products manufactured in small quantities as private labels. We also supply our products without added perfumes for allergy sufferers.

Our special products are exclusively reserved for the textile industry. Both manufacturers (e.g. Closed, Fedeli Cashmere, FTC Cashmere, Iris von Arnim, Hawick of Scotland, Strenesse) and leading dealers (e.g. Feldenkirchen in Hamburg, Lodenfrey, Ludwig Beck, Maendler in Munich, Engelhorn in Mannheim, Schnitzler in Münster) value our special service offering small quantities as private labels. In this way, complaints about the incorrect treatment of high-quality textiles can be effectively avoided. Moreover, customers who make more expensive purchases can be given a useful freebie – and their attention will be drawn to the label with every wash. This is an ideal way of promoting your company’s corporate identity!

Erik Zimmermann (Managing Director)

Erik Zimmermann (Managing Director)

Your advantages:

  • Gain advantage of being in your customer’s focus each time they do the laundry.
  • Your own personalized label will remind your customers of where they purchased this item.
  • Increase your customer frequency by making sure that those people will return only to you once they need a fresh supply.
  • Then take the chance and show them some precious items from your product range.

What’s best:

By recommending the appropriate special washing detergent, you will be able to avoid time-consuming and cost-intensive customer complaints due to incorrect washing procedures!

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