Specific information about cashmere

Cashmere is incomparably soft, light and cuddly. Cashmere has been knitted into perfect shape and deserves keeping its correct fit and brilliant colour even after numerous washes. Why don’t you give your cashmere items a special wellness treatment – our special care product tenemoll.

Natural: tenemoll is based on natural resources and is also available as an unscented variety.

Caring: It soothes any frictions caused by wool and cashmere fibres with the help of oiling ingredients. Experience the invigorating effect!

Fashion tradefairs give an impression of the new trend: colour is on its way! Think bright: strong colours such as a bloody red, a sunny yellow, an electrifying blue, pink and purple are coming on strong. tenemoll will keep those colours bright. It’s also perfect for wool-silk and cashmere-silk combinations.


Lingerie: Find skin coloured lingerie and transparent fabrics among the bestselling trends. Body shaping fabrics and quality remain up-to-date. Attentive care is absolutely necessary for both. This is why the INTERVALL special care product line is just the right choice. It is available only at specialized textile shops and is recommended by leading manufacturers.

Silk lingerie: Every lady desires caressing and precious silk lingerie – bath robes, pyjamas with shorts or long pants made from preciously shining silk satin which flows softly in attractive colours. This natural fibre has two precious characteristics: it keeps you cool during the summer and warm during wintertime. tenestar for pure silk will give these features their special attention, treating them gently and keeping them at their best.

Technical wear: still up-to-date, the sportive trend offers a large variety of possible interpretations. Gauzy, shaping lingerie with a high content of spandex fashionably models the trendsetting lady. In order to maintain comfort, appearance and functionality, teneplus is the best choice for high-quality-care.

Swimwear: Brilliance (gold and silver shine) is selling well. Brightly coloured floral patterns from the Pacific-Indies as well as those flashy colours from California’s Eighties are in high demand. We recommend a gentle and skin-friendly washing procedure with teneplus in order to keep the colours at its brightest and protect the elastic fabrics against any harm caused by chlorine and salt-water, sweat and cosmetics.

Our care product line is in fashion. Why don’t you use it to give your favourite products the treat they deserve?

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